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Giro d'Italia Women

About Giro d'Italia Women

The Giro d’Italia Women, formerly the Giro Donne, from 2024 (and for the next three years) will be organised by RCS Sport in collaboration with the Italian Cycling Federation and with the patronage of the Ministry of Sport and Youth.

Everything is ready for the new format of the next Pink Race – now in its 35th edition – which will take place from 7 to 14 July. Since 1988, the Giro d’Italia Women has progressively become the most important and longest-running international event for women.

Over the years, the race has crossed the Boot from north to south, from east to west, introducing the public and fans to hidden corners or off the beaten track, as well as to the most iconic roads, climbs and places of Italian cycling. It will be the same for the design of the 2024 route.

Particularly prestigious is the roll of honour, which includes the names of the strongest athletes of their era and will be enriched by future winners of the same calibre. The first edition went to Maria Canins, who opened the series of Italian triumphs: Bonanomi (1989), Fanini (1994) and Luperini (1995-1996-1997-1998-2008), who is also the last Italian to have won the Corsa Rosa. The foreign successes experienced the waves of the best nations. Multiple victories went to Spain (Somarriba 1999-2000), Switzerland (Brandli 2001-2003-2005), Lithuania (Pucinskaite 2006-2007), the USA (Abbott 2010-2013, Guarnier 2016) and finally Holland, which with eleven seals is the most successful country in history. The signatures are those of Vos (2011-2012-2014), Van der Breggen (2015-2017-2020-2021) and Van Vleuten (2018-2019-2022-2023).

The pioneering years (’20s to ’70s) and the niche years (’80s/’90s) are long gone. Many of the World Tour or Continental teams are the equivalent of men’s teams, confirming how women’s cycling today has developed continuously and exponentially. From 2024 onwards, the Giro d’Italia Women will give new impetus to this growth process.

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