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Maglia Rosa - sponsored by Polti

“We believe in winning”

A timeless symbol of supremacy, a worldwide icon of success and a landmark of Italian cycling. This jersey is the faraway dream chased by every girl who cultivates a passion for cycling as well as the tangible goal chased by every woman who competes in the Giro d’Italia Women.

“We believe in winning” because it is the only way we know to grow.

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Maglia Rossa - sponsored by zondacrypto

“Together we win”

This is the jersey for sprinters, the one reserved for the points classification. Red like the colour of strong emotions: love and passion. Perseverance and constancy will be essential for those interested in wearing this jersey, as will the determination to fight together in every sprint until the last stage.

“Together we win”, because success is beautiful only when shared.

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Maglia Azzurra - sponsored by Banca Mediolanum

“Let’s overcome the mountains”

Touching the sky with one finger, right when the climb gets steeper. This is the climbers’ jersey, the symbol of the ascent, the true testimony of the struggle to reach the summit.

“Let’s overcome the mountains”, this is the spirit of the Maglia Azzurra of the 2024 edition of the Giro d’Italia Women.

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Maglia Bianca - sponsored by Autostrade per l'Italia

“For our future”

White like a blank slate to be filled with knowledge, in this case, with victories and accomplishments. It is the jersey for the best young rider, the jersey of hopes and ambitions, an encouragement to never stop dreaming, because the best is yet to come.

“For our future” so that dreams and ambitions can always be within everyone’s reach.


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